Indonesia Kendo Association is affiliated to the following regional Kendo organisation in Indonesia :

  • Jakarta Kendo Association (Jakarta)
  • Bandung Kendo Association (Bandung, West Java)
  • Suroboyo Kenyuukai (Surabaya, East Java)
  • Malang Kendo Association (Malang, East Java)

In the process for affiliation :

  • Yogyakarta Kendo Association (Yogyakarta, Central Java)
  • Persada Medan Kendo Club (Medan, West Sumatra)

Should you have any inquiry to Kendo practice and/or activities specific to a region, you are much encouraged to contact the listed contact person of the region’s organisation directly. This will hopefully provide you with a quicker reply. However, if you are not sure, send your inquiry to, and we’ll be glad to help.



Kendo practice in Jakarta, specifically in Jakarta Japanese School, has been taking place for quite a long time. However, Jakarta Kendo Association (JKA) was only created in 2007, and was formally recognised as a viable organisation in 2008.

Easily the biggest one amongst the kendo organisations in Indonesia, JKA, prior to the establishment of IKA, serves as the main point of contact in building relationship between Indonesian kenshi and the Jakarta Kenyukai, which is the Kendo organisation for the Japanese community in Jakarta, listed under the Jakarta Japanese Club.

JKA is also the one usually hosting visiting guests, by way of its position in the capital city of Indonesia, such as the Mitsubishi Corp Kendo Team, Japan Marines Kendo Team, and various visits by fellow kenshi from the neighbouring countries.

Note : For visiting kenshi who would like to practice in JKA dojos please contact JKA first through the e-mail above prior to visiting.

Jakarta Japanese School Dojo

Jl. Elang, Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9, Tangerang

Practice Schedule : Every Sunday on 9am – 12pm

Levels : All levels accepted


Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Dojo

ClarkHatch Gym, Sari Pan Pacific Hotel

Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 6, Jakarta

Practice Schedule : Wednesday 8-10pm and Saturday 4-6pm

Levels : Dan-1 and above (or by sensei’s approval).






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